last updated: march 2019


Staff Animator /Animation Compositor on ‘Undone’ (2019)
Minnow Mountain - austin, tx - contract

  • Responsible for production and delivery of quality rotoscope animation on a tight production timeline as part of the character close-up team.

  • Diligently observes and double-checks weekly style frames to ensure that character designs do not drift from original production guides. This regularly includes 5+ different characters each production week.

  • Produces both keyframe poses for other staff members and in-betweens based on production demand.

  • Above and beyond contracted job duties, compiles and distributes software training material and provides demonstrations for other staff members upon request from leadership, due to prior experience.

  • Responsible for reporting all progress on Shotgun in a timely manner, as well as complying with check-ins from team leads.

  • Performs additional cleanup and compositing as part of the seven-member composite team in order to streamline the shot submission process.

    • This includes character clean-up, restructuring files, appropriately restructuring character props, making accommodations for furniture/structures that affect the visibility of a character in the reference footage.

    • Conducts twice-daily audits of team/studio progress on Shotgun to maintain accuracy and stay aware of shots that are ready for compositing.

    • Makes director-supplied corrections in a timely manner and resubmits files for review when requested.

Freelance Illustrator
various clients - austin, tx

Clients include:

  • St. Joseph’s Episcopal School: Production of 2+ minutes of rotoscope animation for the 2018 production of ‘She Kills Monsters,’ as well as training material and in-person rotoscope workshops for interested students.

  • Outside Voice TV: Produced art for a short video promoting civic engagement.

  • Produced professional game art for Marti Toonen’s Manor Hill.

Workshop Instructor (2014 - 2016) 
rochester institute of technology - rochester, ny - part-time/student

  • Organized and created content for 5 bi-weekly drawing workshops for other students.

    • Focused on drawing from observation, form, lighting, and basic color theory.

  • Taught 10-20 students per session with a mix of lectures and live drawing.



  • Illustration/portraiture

  • Character design

  • 2D animation and cleanup

  • Texture painting


All software listed in order of proficiency. Comfortable using and maintaining both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

  • ANIMATION SOFTWARE: TVPaint, Adobe Animate, Adobe AfterEffects, ToonBoom Harmony.

  • DRAWING SOFTWARE: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.



BS Applied Arts and Sciences - Rochester, NY

Total Immersion: Gaming’s Clever Synthesis of the Interactive Camera, User Interface, and the Player as Narrative Elements in Single-Player Experiences


  • Film theory

  • 2D animation production

  • Stop-motion animation production

  • Concept art/design

  • Storytelling across media

  • Live-action production

  • Business/project management.

zines & publications

  • Such Stuff as Dreams Were Made On: a Shakespeare zine for the 21st century (2017)

  • FORGED: a zine about women, women-aligned people, and girls with swords and what they mean to us (2017)

  • Faerie Fire: a Dungeons and Dragons 5e compendium (2018)