27% lipstick, 53% puns,

and 20% eyebrows, according to experts.

iā€™m an illustrator, designer, and notorious movie-crier. my dream job would be 'art cleric' (or some other support class) and i enjoy a bold eyebrow look. also, one time i taught the cupid shuffle to an an entire wedding reception.

my family emigrated to russia from azerbaijan, and then from russia to the united states. this renders a lot of pre-2005 cultural phenomena completely foreign to me, but it has left me both fluent in russian and full of a constant need to dance. creatively, it pushes me toward intricate linework and storytelling through design thanks to my childhood being filled with the works of ivan bilibin and heirloom azerbaijani rugs.

i want to help you tell hopeful stories. if you think i would make a good addition to your team or project, i can be reached at leylamamart@gmail.com.