leyla, but not like the eric clapton song.

born in moscow, raised in buffalo, and currently operating out of austin, tx, i am an insatiably curious and culturally ambiguous illustrator constantly looking for the human connection in any story. my art education was as rooted in classics as it was in mid-2000s shoujo manga, and thus is as much about the thrill of technicality as it is about redefining femininity and what it means to take up space.

with experience working in television animation, education, and indie games, i am an artist with a deep love for clarity and good, a streamlined pipeline. i’ve developed a love for research-based design and creating characters that feel like they exist outside the scope of the narrative.

this aspiring art cleric will help you tell hopeful stories in print, interactive media, and animation.

i’d love to be a part of your team!

e-mail: leylamamart@gmail.com
social media: @leylses